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A lady holding a brace by her mouth

I felt confident enough to relax and have the treatment carried out.
S. Stones

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Structuring your teeth

Bite problems, struggling with speech or do you have wonky teeth and don’t like to show them off? We want to help you smile with confidence and solve bite problems. Orthodontics involves wearing braces for teeth straightening. Removable and fixed braces apply pressure to teeth to rotate or move them into the desired position. Wearing braces will help with the appearance of your teeth, the function of your teeth to make it easier to eat and the health of your teeth and gums because they will be easier to clean.

A lady wearing a brace

The problems teeth can cause

Abnormal development of your teeth or jaw can cause discomfort and make it hard to maintain oral hygiene. It can affect the shape of your face and positioning of your teeth, which can lead to psychological problems and a lack of self-esteem. The importance of the position of your teeth cannot be underestimated. If you think you may be experiencing any difficulties and want to discuss all possible options, please contact us to book a consultation.

A man wearing braces

Why have orthodontic treatment?

  • Protruding upper front teeth
  • Crowding of teeth due to a narrow jaw
  • Asymmetry where upper and lower teeth do not match up
  • A deep bite where the upper teeth cover your lower teeth too much
  • A reverse bite where your upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth
  • An open bite where front teeth remain apart whilst your back teeth are together
  • Impacted teeth where adult teeth come through in the wrong position

Incognito Braces

We offer a variety of different braces, including Incognito Braces. Find out the answers to different questions and more information.

If you have bite problems or crowding, call 0121 643 4147

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