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A patient in the dentists chair receiving treatment

To my astonishment I experienced no pain and very little discomfort.
S. Gallimore

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Endodontics explained

Endodontics is known as root canal treatment. Root canals are needed when your tooth has suffered excessive decay, large fillings or trauma. Your tooth will die as a result of these. Once a tooth has died a bacterial infection will start, which can be painful and lead to an abscess. You can either have the tooth removed or root canal treatment. Opting for root canals shouldn’t be painful as an anaesthetic similar to having a filling is used.

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Effective root canal treatment

Root canals contain a blood and nerve supply which can get infected. Root canal treatment involves cleaning the system using files and irrigants. Once they are pain free and clean they will be filled with a rubber based material and then tooth is then restored with a filling and often a dental crown. The inflamed tissue will then heal naturally, allowing you to continue about your daily life as normal. So whilst endodontics sounds complicated, it isn’t, and with our expertise we can perform it smoothly. Contact us to book an appointment.

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