Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics or root canal treatment as it is more commonly known is the treatment required when your tooth has suffered excessive decay or some sort of trauma. With this, it can lead to further infection of the tooth. The infection can spread rapidly through the root canal system, causing a huge amount of discomfort.

Root canals contain a blood supply that can get infected. The surrounding area is cleaned during the treatment and anything causing pain is removed.

We use the latest technology to help assist your root canal treatment

We try to preserve as much of the tooth as we can and make sure that we use the best techniques and technology available to us to help treat the issue as effectively as we can. The entire treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and is relatively painless throughout the treatment. The patient may feel slight discomfort after the treatment but generally, the process isn’t painful. We try our best to preserve any of the good teeth and make it as easy for you as possible.

The treatment doesn’t feel too much different to having a filling fitted. The overall aim is to eliminate any infection and prevent any further damage to the surrounding area of the mouth. We now have the technology that can help us save dead or damaged teeth. This means we can help try and preserve any of the damaged areas.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment at Birmingham Dental Specialists

If the tooth has discoloured as a result, we now are able to change the appearance. Our team can make it look as natural as it once was prior to the infection. 

The entire treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. We make sure that we remain in close contact with you throughout the process to check on your progress and make sure that there is no further damage to the teeth or the surrounding gum area.

It is a simple enough procedure that can be nipped in the bud so easily as long as you act quick enough. 

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