Radiography For Dentists

As a dentist you want as accurate results as possible to help you diagnose and plan treatment for your patients. Cone beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a radiography technique that gives fast and accurate 3D images of critical anatomy, bone structure and tooth orientation.

The Best Possible Treatment

We have an on-site radiographer that will look after your patients and send you the results without delay so that you can continue with the necessary treatment. Contact us and arrange an appointment, for your convenience same day referrals are possible.

You can use CBCT Scanning for a variety of dentistry including:

Dental Implants

Allows for optimal planning and placement of implants and better information leading to the finest patient care.


Accurate 3D views of impacted molars within the alveolar bone can be produced giving the location relative to adjacent teeth as well as the proximity to vital structures such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.


Improves treatment and diagnosis by giving a 3D perception which is important in accurately considering the relationship of teeth and overall interpretation of anatomy.

Air-Way Assessment

Precise 3D imaging can give an accurate assessment of the airways allowing for more informed decisions when considering treatment options.


3D images allow the specialist to view critical structures for complete TMJ analysis and diagnosis clearly showing the condyles and surrounding structures. Ear nose and throat assessment: ideal for the imaging of the para-sinuses, airways, petrous temporal bone, skull vault and base.

The Latest Radiography Techniques

The Veraviewepocs 3D R100 has changed the shape of 3D. This unit’s groundbreaking and patent-pending 3D reuleaux Full Arch FOV (Field Of View) provides a unique for full arch imaging. With 6 Field of View options and Morita’s world-renowned image quality, Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is suitable for a wide variety of dental applications.

The FOV is patent pending: abandoning the typical cylinder and using a new convex triangle shape. By more closely matching the natural dental arch form, this groundbreaking FOV reduces dosage by excluding areas outside the region of interest.

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